Shamballa Reiki Attunement – Basic Master Level One
Shamballa Multidimensional Transformation (MDT)

Your Declaration of Total Expansion!

Why Shamballa Multidimensional Transformation?
There are many different schools and styles of healing energy work. I felt drawn to this style of reiki for many personal reasons. Having already been attuned to traditional reiki, I still sought out another school or form that I just knew would feel like a deep and more authentic fit for me. I believe that the individuals who want to be attuned in this course, will have a deep inner knowing sense that this is the right next step for them and that this time, modality and place fit for them as well. So if you are considering this attunement, take some time to get quiet with yourself and listen in to see if this is your perfect fit for you. The attunement will be intense and much will shift in your life. Make sure you can plan to include self-care and ease for yourself around this powerful time! I am excited for your journey!

“This attunement introduces the full spectrum of the Shamballa energy and more to the entire mind/body/electro-magnetic system of the participants. It allows the person to feel and experience these energies and become acclimatized to them. These energies have a powerful grounding effect and start up a process of coming into more balance and Love. From this workshop onwards these energies will flow through the person continuously day and night supporting the process towards balance and Love and keeping it on-going. This allows the person to be able to share the energy with others simply by touch.” (MDT)
Course duration: 16 hours: includes initial attunement, practice hours – with others and on your own, time to connect back in with group online, one on one with facilitator and as a group in person.

Prerequisites : none or Reiki Level I or Level II (you don’t need any experience to take this course and this course will deepen your work, knowledge and practice if you have already taken Reiki one or two)

Course Contents:

The Philosophy of Shamballa
Theory of disease and the emotional body
Theory of channelling healing energy
How to facilitate healing sessions
Grounding after healing
How to treat yourself
How to treat others
Brain balancing
Brain balancing exercises
Antahkarana, ancient symbol of healing
Healing practice, Information on chakras
How to clear energy blockages from the bodies
On Freedom & Boundaries
Healer’s Certificate from Foundation
Comprehensive Manual

Cost & Registration:

$295 Total Cost for manual – Official Certificate from SCES and 16 hour course.

Contact: to register