Date / Time
03/11/2017 - 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Date: Saturday, March 11 from 12:00 – 2:30

Location: Quincy, MA

Cost: $44.00 

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“Joy is the serious business of heaven.” C.S. Lewis

 Anyone who has spent considerable time around a child knows that they so easily possess a deep wisdom and knowing that is undeniably innate. When we enter the child’s world out of curiosity with an intent to learn, magic occurs. There is one child above all others, however, who beckons for our attention daily and longs to give us the keys to the vast doors within our own heart. This gifted and knowing child resides nowhere other than the inner landscape of the self. She is timeless; being past, present and future all in one. Join Rebecca Coffey, a masterful facilitator in the healing arts, dance therapist and public advocate for survivors of childhood abuse as she guides others to connect to their inner-children, heal and live more fulfilling and healthy lives.  

This workshop is a deep exploration into what it truly means to connect with our own inner-children. The child within holds keys that no other entity or person outside of ourselves will ever hold for us. What the child wants most, is for the adult part of us to engage her, to spend time with her and most importantly to see her. When we do not pay attention to her, this abandonment of the self is reflected in the world around us. Others will not see us for who we are. We may feel insignificant, ignored, not noticed, and feel that our needs will never, ever be met. This occurs because we have abandoned ourselves and the younger inner part of us is therefore left to look outside of herself for something that only we, the adult self, can give. Once we heal this severed connection to self, we can begin to foster the work of actively taking responsibility for meeting our own core needs, which ultimately only we can do. This workshop is an excellent investment for those desiring to be more connected to self as it is a main key in healthy relating and is also very important for those who have a sincere desire to break a generational cycle where children are used to meet the needs of parents and not the other way around. This is the work that breaks that cycle.  

“Only the never-ending work of mourning can help us from lapsing into the illusion that we have found the parent we once urgently needed—empathic and open, understanding and understandable, honest and available, helpful and loving, feeling, transparent, clear, without unintelligible contradictions. Such a parent was never ours, for a mother can react empathically only to the extent that she has become free of her own childhood; when she denies the vicissitudes of her early life, she wears invisible chains.” 

― Alice Miller