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As a therapist, teacher and coach I have always believed in self-determination, the ability for an individual to determine and control the outcome of his or her life. I truly believe every person has all the resources and answers already within. I have had many guides to light my way and toss the boulders out of my path for me in a humble and unassuming manner. It is my intent to similarly assist others in their journey to see one’s self more clearly and to align all areas of one’s life to that inner compass and truest essence of the self.

Rebecca Coffey
  • “Rebecca is a truly gifted reiki facilitator. I have not experienced reiki like this before. Rebecca has the ability to put you at peace in a calm and relaxing environment and her energy, wisdom and intuition all come together to provide you with a wonderful healing experience for whatever may be going on in your life.”

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    Maeve Rawdon
  • “I had known Rebecca as a yoga instructor for quite a while before I scheduled a reiki session with her. I had reiki before, but this experience was certainly different. In the midst of a personal tragedy, I went to Rebecca for help. Although it was very private, I felt comfortable sharing my story and emotions with Rebecca. Before I turned to Rebecca, I was frantic with stress and anxiety. The session helped me immensely. I felt a calmness and sense of security afterwards that helped me through the difficult time I was experiencing. I am so grateful for Rebecca’s kindness and her amazing ability to heal. I consider my experience with her nothing short of a miracle!”

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    Danielle Romeo
  • “Rebecca is a true spiritual leader. Her yoga classes are the definition of “flow.” I always feel the perfect balance of strength and relaxation when Rebecca instructs my practice. Her beautiful spirit is apparent both in and outside of class. I’m so happy to call her a friend as well as a teacher!.”

  • “Rebecca creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in her Journey Dance class where your inner child is comfortable to come out, play, and run free!”

  • “I took one of my first yoga classes with Rebecca several years ago, and I knew the moment the class started, that this was where I was supposed to be and that Rebecca was the right instructor for me, her kind voice and gentle touch have led me through many yoga classes and for that I will be forever grateful to her!! Even though I do not attend class often at this time, she has touched a place in my spirit that will forever be there.”

  • “Rebecca’s restorative healing yoga class is like giving myself a gift. It is a break from my busy life, an hour that I can sink into myself and in those quiet poses ~ start to heal.”

  • “Rebecca has a very patient and supportive yoga teaching style – she gently guides her students (both beginners and advanced) in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. It is always a delight to practice yoga with Rebecca and I would highly recommend her as a teacher for anyone who wishes to make yoga a part of their life.”

  • “I have taken all types of classes with Rebecca from restorative healing yoga to more advanced classes to journey dance…Rebecca’s healing and encouraging words, kind heart, openness and passion for yoga and dance make it a worthwhile experience every time. I have found deep clarity, comfort, strength (physical and emotional), and healing from her classes. My husband (who was never into yoga before) will now only go to Rebecca’s classes. Rebecca is a shining star in yogi land and I feel lucky to practice with her.”

  • “If you want to see a spirit soar, watch Rebecca dance. If you want your own spirit to soar, take Rebecca’s Journey Dance class. If you want to see compassion and acceptance personified, or if you wish to feel compassion and acceptance for yourself, take Rebecca’s Kripalu Yoga class.”

  • “I attended Rebecca’s retreat last April. I loved Rebecca’s yoga classes and guided instruction. I am a physical trainer and I like to “go” until I hurt or I physically can’t move anymore. Her practice helped me feel like I was accomplishing something very worthwhile without abusing myself. Her instruction helped me appreciate my body more. Rebecca has strong emotional intelligence. She is so in tune with her students and creates a magnificent flow. During her classes, while at Blue Osa, I felt so happy and burst with emotions on some occasions. It was also nice to be calm; in her classes, I found my calm.”