The wolf represents a call back to the pack! This involves risk, for everyone, not just those with a trauma-history. A key piece in being able to trust others is being able to trust oneself. The act of being vulnerable involves believing that you are strong enough in yourself to handle whatever comes. As I was so fragmented in my own life, it was only until I could really learn to trust myself that I could learn to trust others. This is an area I still very much work on and continue to take risks with. The truth is, we are stronger in numbers and as Brene Brown writes: “hardwired for connection.”   We are not empowered alone. We are empowered in our connection to others. Abuse breeds in silence and isolation.  The more people are connected in real and authentic ways, rather than performing, perfecting and posturing, the more we create safe communities.  Through authentic connection an individual is empowered in her own life while staying connected to the broader extension of the community that supports her.