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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
~ Anais Nin


Individual and Group Private Sessions

The majority of Rebecca's private consultations are now done through her coaching and mentoring work with individuals and specialized groups. However, as time allows she does occasionally offer some of the below niche sessions that she formerly offered more regularly.  Session descriptions are listed below. (See the Coaching Page for details on mentoring and coaching programs.)

Program Descriptions

Click on a session name to view the complete description. Note: Some session types can be facilitated via zoom.

Why I became a dance therapist?  When I first left the performance world of Ballet, a guest teacher at an academic school where I was studying walked up to me, knowing nothing about me, stared at me a moment and simply stated: “The performances are over. It’s the real thing now!” His words cut to my heart and I knew that my life’s calling, all of my life-history with dance and my own sense of using dance, in my own life, as a means of prayer, had prepared me to use my dance to heal myself and to in turn heal others. Dance, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, is the powerful tool and gift that sets us free!

The Therapeutic Dance Session:  Certainly my greatest passion! This healing modality works directly with the amazing wisdom of the body. One of my favorite psychotherapists and Authors, Alice Miller, summed this truth up best when she coined the phrase: “The Body, Never Lies!” How True! I possess a life-long history of dance, dance as prayer, and healing dance. As a dance therapist, and a spiritual dancer, I am fortunate to have a tool-bag of techniques to guide students into their own experience of the direct power of dance to heal. In healing dance, premeditated movement or performance actually hinders the work, therefore the less dance training a person has, the better. My intention is to create a holding space for each client to shed the many layers and finally dance honestly; in pure spirit and truth.  Read More about Dance Therapy on my Yoga & Dance Page

In my work as a therapist, particularly in working in the modalities of dance therapy and psychodrama I have utilized many ritualistic practices which have their roots in shamanic practices. Some examples would be: the importance of transitional objects, marking a life event, working with the cycles and seasons as connected to nature as well as the natural cycles in the human life such as death and birth. As any therapist, shamanic practitioner, or as is simply instinctual in all of us, we know it can be so healing and helpful to return to these knowing practices to assist us in moving through life transitions, fully grieve, fully celebrate, and to find the beauty and gifts in every moment no matter how crushing or joyous. I feel these practices are not something we learn, but rather we remember. They are what all humans instinctually come back to.

I truly love the practice of co-creating and co-facilitng ceremony with my clients. This is sometimes done in a group setting, with couples or individually. For example I use ritual in my teen girl groups to assist in honoring the transition into womanhood. I have worked with couples and families moving into their new homes to help consecrate the space. I have used these practices to assist many clients in leaving old relationships or in integrating childhood wounds. The opportunities to include ceremony in our lives to support us are endless. If there is something in your life you would like me to co-create and co-faciliate a ceremony with you around, I am delighted to engage in that sacred work with you.

Fee ranges according to ceremony type and location.


The laying on of hands for healing or impartation can be found in every culture and spiritual tradition. Although I am attuned and certified in both Reiki and Shambala healing practices, I have a life-long history and very personal practice of prayer that ultimately guides my healing work. In facilitating energy work, I aim to be a channel through which energy flows to promote a client’s best interest for his/her life. What happens from there is out of my hands, and I find that healing work is most effective when I simply hold an intention and then step out of the way, allowing the energy to simply flow! Often a session includes messages from loved ones in spirit if a client is open to spirit communication.


I was fortunate to be trained by the widely-esteemed Psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters and his wife Carole Weiss. This work assumes that there is a part of the subconscious mind that is very wise and knows the root of any physical or emotional distress and can direct a client instinctively toward healing. The goal of Past Life Regression Therapy is to enable a client to access that information from his/her subconscious mind order to heal.

During the session a client will undergo a hypnotic induction and from that state be guided back to earlier states within the subconscious mind. They will literally re-experience pieces of the past to gain clarity and insight. This powerful technique has the potential to quickly bring about resolution and healing physically, psychologically and emotionally. I have experienced this healing first-hand, strongly believe in it’s effectiveness for others and again feel honored to have studied with Brian Weiss and his wife Carole in order to share this beautiful work with my clients.

Loved ones in Spirit communicate to all of us in small and large ways. The more open we are to receiving guidance, love and communication with loved ones in spirit the more easily loved ones can come through and give us messages of comfort love and wisdom. During our session we will set an intention to connect with your loved ones in spirit in a manner that is for your highest and best intent to promote healing, growth and in many cases provide much needed comfort and peace.

Soul Entrainment is a meditative and self-guided technique developed by Author and Healer, Karen Paolino Correia.

I had the opportunity to work directly with Karen Paolino Correia as a client of Soul Entrainment for just under two years. As I experienced the benefits of this work, I naturally felt a desire to share this work with others. I was fortunate to be trained in this technique directly by Karen. In using this technique as a client I found that I was directly guided to my soul/higher self and quickly pointed in the exact direction to address any blocks that were simply eating up my time or preventing me from moving forward.

The best thing about Soul Entrainment is that the answers come from one’s own soul and not from an outside source. I always intend to honor a client’s sense of self-efficacy and to show clients that ultimately they possess all needed answers within themselves. In the Soul Entrainment session a client will be guided into a state of deep relaxation. In this state the client will be given space to allow his/her own soul to guide , provide direction for his/her life and complete healing if needed. I encourage clients to bring in their own unique belief systems around healing work and spirituality. As a facilitator I guide clients to write their own questions to ask their soul. I then assist in leading clients to a place where they connect to their own soul seeking guidance, direction and answers. The answers come through the client and amazingly surprise both facilitator and client.

Rebecca brings her love of dance, nature, sacred practices, mind-body healing modalities and the metaphysical world to her readings. She draws from her background as a mental health counselor, dance therapist, past-life regression therapist, medium, channel, shamanic practitioner and her work as a Reiki, Yoga and Meditation teacher to the reading session. Her readings include a blend of angelic divine-guidance, mediumship and shamanic clearing practices.

The reading can be done via Skype or over the phone. A client should be sure to set some time before and after the reading to prepare to relax and integrate the messages. Rebecca will do a short invocation, use angelic cards, and draw upon her spiritual intuitive gifts to bring messages of comfort, guidance and encouragement for the client’s highest and best. At times, messages come through from loved ones in spirit, if clients are open to this. Rebecca works with a client’s comfort level and honor’s the client’s personal belief systems, however, to ensure that the client feels safe, supported and empowered.

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